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Living Well Naturally , Our mission is create value in the lives of others, inspire others to become the best version of themselves while naturally building talents, skills and beliefs to accomplish life goals along the way!
Founded in 2013, Living Well Naturally , LLC  is a is a consulting company with a passion for spreading the message of health and wellness as a life saving lifestyle Initially  we targeted the youth and educational professionals. We were able to  provide mentorship, giving smoothie demonstrations to the staff and students of Bradford Academy High School in Southfield Michigan. We participated in planning the community garden  along with the Healthy School Team while volunteering at The Foreign Language Immersion Cultural Studies in Detroit. We partnered with the PTA to provide cooking demonstrations featuring "The Day Kale Met Soup" teaching parent's, students, and staff  the nutritious aspects of kale and other dark leafy greens using a story tellers approach. Followed by multi station food demonstration in the classroom for parents and children to cook and eat a meal together.  Living Well Naturally was grateful and proud to be apart of that opportunity and strive to bring heath and wellness in creative spaces.
Cicely a native to Detroit, affectionately known as Ms. Ci-Ci has been swimming a total of 29 years. After a near fatal drowning accident as little girl at the age of 5, she began learning  to overcome challenges that were in her way. She was introduced to the technical aspects of swimming at the tender age of 6 years old. Since then, she went on to participate in competition swimming where she qualified for " All City" in the 50 freestyle event competing as a student at Mumford High School. After graduating from Central Michigan University, with a Bachelor's degree in Sociology with a concentration in Criminal Justice 2008. She continued her educational pursuits earning a Masters of Science Administration Degree in Public Administration 2014 and a Graduate Certificate in International Administration in 2015.
During a summer teacher exchange program hosted by Eastern Michigan University in 2016, Cicely became a Teacher Consultant for the University of Science and Technology Beijing located in the heart of Beijing China. Teaching English as a second  language to Chinese Nationalist Freshman and Sophomore students, was a dream fulfilled. Even after achieving her academic goals, Cicely has consistently made time to improve skills and incorporate water safety into the lives of others. She's worked as an instructor for seven years and enjoys teaching swimming as a life skill.
Cicely has served on staff for companies including, Aquamobile, Aqua Tots, Safe Splash Swim Schools located in LA Fitness facilities, including all five Safe Splash Swim School locations in the Metro Detroit area. She served as Primary Instructor at the Signature Club in Royal Oak, Michigan. She has also gained meaningful experience as a Swim Instructor, Lifeguard Instructor and Aqua Aerobics Instructor while  teaching   at  the Grosse Point Neighborhood Club. Cicely has earned a Michigan Boaters Safety Certificate and enjoys jet skiing on personal water crafts. She is currently active as a participating instructor in the discipline of the American Red Cross and abides by it's Instructor's Corner recommendations. She also holds a certificate as a Water Aerobics Instructor from The American Sports and Fitness Association.
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